Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Dad

Yay, I got my Dad's card done for Father's Day. He lives in Birmingham, AL so I had to get it done so I could get it in the mail. I saw this "road trip" stamp(Scrappy Cat) and had to get it. It reminded me of my Dad and his love for road trips. We would often pile into the car on a Sunday afternoon and go for a "drive". I remember several times ending up in the middle of nowhere and having to eat at some local dive. I think that I am the only sibling that actual liked road trips. We also took some long vacations to places like Florida(before Disney World), the Outer Banks of NC, Northern Minnesota(visiting my grandparents), Wisconsin(visiting my other grandparents), Canada(visiting Dad's aunt and uncle), and more. We had 4 kids so we usually piled into the station wagon with the old pop-up towing behind. We would play games such as name that state and capital(Hey, I learned my geography that way), 20 questions, cows and graveyards( whoever got 100 cows first without passing a graveyard, wins!), and singing lots of songs. Back to the card, the car stamps are from The DP is from I love it because it is double-sided! This paper is from the 5"X7" pack called "Going Places". Thanks for stopping by.

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