Monday, August 3, 2009

Gift card holder for Lil' Earle

Hey all,
I was able to get a few minutes in for making my nephew's gift card holder for his birthday. I can't believe he is going to be 10 in a few days. Anyway, here is how I made it.
First, I took an empty toilet paper holder and flattened it. (yes, I am trying to be "green" here!)
Next, I measured a piece of DP to fit around the tube with some extra overhang.
I then attached the DP with adhesive.
I then punched a large hole in the top through both layers with my Cropadile.
Next, I ran a piece of ribbon through both holes so that the holder hangs from the ribbon. I then took my gift card and placed on top of the ribbon that was going between the two holes in the middle of the holder. I pushed the ribbon down into the holder with the gift card until the gift card was hidden all the way down into the holder.
I then cut the ribbon so that it was at least 6 inches on both ends above the holder. I then tied a knot close to the ends as shown. I trimmed the ends so that they were nice and tidy.
Next, I stamped my image of the raccoon onto beige cardstock and cut him out.
I then punched a large tag from matching DP and a smaller tag from the beige cardstock.
I stamped the verse with brown ink onto the smaller tag.
I then punched a hole with my Cropadile through both tags as they were layered together. I ran another piece of matching ribbon through both holes to hold tags together. I then attached the tags to the holder with adhesive.
Next I attached the raccoon with pop dot so that he overlapped the tags a little. Just pull on the top ribbon and the gift card will pop up as shown in picture. And that is it. Nice and easy, but still has the WOW factor. Try it yourself and see how fun it is.
toilet paper tube, empty
Beige cardstock by Stampin' Up
brown ink by Memento
stamps used: raccoon by Stampin' Up and verse by Printworks
reversible ribbon from JoAnn's
Tag punches by Stampin' Up
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Morgan said...

Looks like you have been must be procrastinating on your packing...:) hahaha!

What a clever idea to use an empty toilet paper roll. I'm going to have to save my next one and maybe use this for christmas wrappings.

I also have instructions on making a gift card holder in a card style with an extra "flap" in the middle to hold the card that I've been wanting to try. perhaps I'll get working on that.

You can check out my blog, I've been busy too. :) (click on my name above.)