Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cammie's Cause

Cammie is hosting a HUGE blog candy event while supporting a cause that is dear to her heart. Her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's and so Cammie is having a Card-a-thon(my word for it). She is challenging people to make a card and send it to someone who is a caretaker for a person with Alzheimer's. If you don't know anyone she has an address of the place that took care of her grandmother. Check out her blog here for all the details:

She is giving away a motherload of goodies to one lucky winner. Hurry because it ends friday! Here is my card that I am sending to the caretakers where her grandmother stayed.
Sorry my card didn't scan well. The ribbon is a bit lumpy so it won't lay down flat on my scanner. I hope that the caretakers really feel appreciated after they get bombarded with cards from Cammie's readers. God bless them all!


Carolyn King said...

What a happy card---I love it! Thanks so much for participating!

Jamie Martin said...

Pretty card, love the touch of glitter :)